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Customer Testimonials

What do our clients say?

Daniel W. Kent, Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. of Religious Studies

148 Amphitheater Way
P.O. Box 40016
Charlottesville, VA, 22904


Sara 077 537 1577

"Not just a jeweller you can trust but a gentleman , in every sense of the word!

Arriving in Colombo back in 2002, my late husband was quickly passed the ‘word’ by colleagues at the British High Commission, “If you want the best quality jewellery at honest prices, then you must visit Fazal, the owner of Jewel Qudsi”. Little did my husband realise then, it would lead to a long and dear friendship, which has led me to acquiring a spectacular array of jewels, the likes of which leaves people ‘drooling’ at the beauty of the stones & settings.

Mr Fazal Mohideen is someone I totally trust & have full confidence in. Over the years I have recommended to friends & family members alike to buy their jewels from Jewel Qudsi & all have been ecstatic with their purchases. My first ring which Fazal designed for me was a Star Sapphire, set in a heavy white gold band, raised into a mount with blue Sapphires & white Diamonds encircling the centrepiece stone. Since then I have become the proud owner of blue, pink, green & yellow Sapphires, Moonstones, Amethysts, Kunzite, Aquamarines, black, white & champagne Diamonds, Tourmalines, blue Topaz and a pigeon’s blood red Ruby which was an amazing find from Sri Lanka, as the colour & quality of this sort normally comes from Myanmar (Burma). I have had most of my jewellery assessed in the UK & I am very pleased to announce that the value of my pieces has ranged from Double to Five, yes 5 times, the price I paid for them!

Don’t ever plan on a ‘quick visit’ to Fazal, you need time to pour over the glorious colours & qualities of the stones, or try on the many items of ready-made jewellery, which will be bound to catch your eye. Fazal has trained his staff to his same high exacting standards so you can be equally confident that no matter who attends to you during your visit, they have expert knowledge & the ‘boss’s authority’ to offer you excellent deals on your items.

A visit to this amazing island is never complete without investing in a gem or two to take back home with you but sadly not all gem dealers are to be trusted. Can you trust Fazal? Yes, yes a thousand times YES! He is a recognised wholesaler of stones to other jewellers around the world, so who better to trust than the person that other jewellers rely upon to supply them with their own quality merchandise?

Take the first step; enter his Aladdin’s cave of sparkling stones & Enjoy!"

Contributed by Karen Whyte - a loyal customer & friend since 2002.

"I cannot speak highly enough of the total comfort I have working with Jewel Qudsi. Years before I became a business, my personal relationship with Qudsi not only taught me depth of knowledge of the gem world but enabled a passion for gems totally latent for decades. The knowledge of owner Fazal Mohideen is legendary, proving his expertise beyond any question. I KNOW what I buy is exactly what I am told I am buying, yet, I gain so much from the continual experiences, I become an 'expert' without even realising it. Jewel Qudsi is my second home. The staff are my extended family. You have taught me beyond any course or text book. Eternal thanks and gratitude."

- Kathryn Whatmore

"A warm and welcoming experience where I was treated with the utmost professionalism. The product I purchased was of a world class standard and I was very satisfied. A pleasure to deal with and I can't wait to get back into the shop."

- Kyle Mills (New Zealand Blackcaps)

"I’ve been a customer and friend of jewel qudsi for over five years and every time I've been in Colombo I have always ventured into the shop. i have been blown away with the quality of gems and service that the staff provides. The ring that was made for my wife was simply amazing, she gazes at the stones and is amazed by the workmanship. Thanks for treating my friends and I like family."

- David Hussey (Cricket Australia)

"Buying quality gems and jewellery for a friend or partner at a genuine good price is hard to find. At Jewel Qudsi you not only get a genuine good price but true value for your dollar. What impresses me most about the team at Jewel Qudsi is their honesty, knowledge and friendly service. Whenever I am visiting Colombo I love just to pop in to say hello or to look at purchasing another one of their beautiful gem stones. Hey, don't take my word for it, go and visit Fazal and his special team at Jewel Qudsi yourselves. You won't be disappointed!"

- Billy Bowden (ICC Elite Cricket Umpire)

"When I moved to Sri Lanka in 2004, I was introduced to Jewel Qudsi. My weekends were often spent in Fazal's shop, sitting over a cup of tea, looking at different stones and experimenting with different designs for necklaces, earrings, rings and belly button rings. After 4 years in Sri Lanka I left with the most amazing jewellery collection, with both stones and workmanship of the highest quality also having made great friends with Fazal and all his staff.

In 2009 my Fiancée returned to Sri Lanka to have my engagement ring made and it is truly amazing! I often get comments when I am out as to where the ring is from and what the stones are.

I can honestly say that designing and making you jewellery with Fazal and his team is a great experience and i would recommend anyone visiting Sri Lanka to stop by his shop."

- Claire Sanford

"When I arrived to live in Sri Lanka I was recommended to go to Jewel Qudsi. “Fazal will look after you”, I was told. They were not wrong. Fazal and his team became good friends during my 2 years in Colombo. My friends and family were delighted that I was living in a country where I could buy them ‘decent’ gifts. For each of these gifts, Fazal explained the stones where they came from and the qualities of each one. The price was always extremely competitive. Fazal gets really annoyed when he hears a story of how tourists and other visitors to Sri Lanka get ripped off by other Sri Lankan’s who claim to be jewelers. He says that it gives all the legitimate jewelers such as himself a bad name. If that is the case then surely the reverse is also true. Fazal is the most trusting, patient, honest, generous person I have had the pleasure to meet. He is truly a master of his trade who willingly tries to teach the rest of us and delights in showing us flaws, fossils and other cool stuff that we would not normally see. No trip to Sri Lanka should be complete without a call into Jewel Qudsi."

- Niamh O'Connor

"I thank Jewel Qudsi for helping me getting a brilliant sapphire for a gift for my mother in law.
For those traveling to Colombo and planning to buy gems or sapphire, this is an excellent place to get genuine gems at a reasonable price.
The service and hospitality there is superb. Mr Hilal and his colleagues are very polite and honest business people.
You don't have to worry about being pressured to buy their items.
The items are genuine and you get a certificate from the purchase.
They are located in Colombo and very easy to locate the shop (near Galle Face Hotel)
They also provide excellent service (you can be picked up from your hotel if you need transport)
This is a must visit shop in Colombo. If you are looking for genuine, polite, honest and best price, this is the shop you're looking for. Don't waste your time finding "the best gem shop" in Sri Lanka because Jewel Qudsi is the place you are looking for.
Tell your friends and families about this place. Mr Fazal help you to get the buy of your lifetime!"

- Anas Safri

"We have been living in Sri Lanka for 2 years on a diplomatic posting and Jewel Qudsi was recommended to us by colleagues. We have purchased a number of items of jewellery from Qudsi and have also recommended a number of visitors, both family and friends, who have also made purchases. We have all been extremely happy with the quality of the goods and the prices. There are no high pressure sales tactics and we are particularly impressed by the honesty and friendliness of the staff. Of the hundreds of jewellery stores in Colombo, Jewel Qudsi is one you can trust!"

- Mark & Sue

"As a British resident of Sri Lanka it's important to know which retailers are honest and are good value for money and when it comes to jewellery or gems this is even more important. At Jewel Qudsi you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get first class stones and jewellery at the very best price. I have been a patron for almost 10 years and have had nothing but excellent service and beautiful pieces. In addition to a wide range of jewellery in stock they will make or reproduce any item you want from your own sketches or from photographs and they take the utmost pride in making sure that the customer walks from their shop happy whatever it takes."

- Andrea Karen

Address: #46 - B, Galle Road, Colombo - 03. | Tel: +94112336946 | Fax: +94112452041 | E-mail:
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